Chef Kitchen Decorations - Ideas to Cook N Fun

 A kitchen can affect everything in life;

The motivation and desire to cook and eat. The taste of foods, our eating habits, our health, Happiness and joy in our home, and even your economic and social situation.
Experts in all areas of life from doctors, through historians to psychologists - agree, home cooking is healthier.

Eating around the kitchen table, helps unite family members, to instill family values, and can cause significant change in our entire lives.

But I don't enjoy cooking !!!

One way to make cooking fun is to add chef decorations to the kitchen.
First of all it will give us the inspiration to be a master chef
Second cooking will not be boring - just add the smiling fat chef or the Italian Chef there and COOK!!! . 
Not only will cooking be enjoyable it will keeps us smiling throughout the day.

Some Ideas for Fat Chef Kitchen Décor

Fat Chef Figurine Salt and Pepper Shakers 


Ceramic Fat Chef Style Utensil Holder


 The Chef will guard your utensils and prevent it from going astray in this cute utensil Holders



Fat Chef Ceramic Spoon Rest

Its nerve-racking to cleanup after every spill, a spoon rest with Mr Fat Chef will assure this wont happen. Practical and easy to clean makes this spoon rest a great addition to your kitchen basics.


Fat Chef Figurine Paper Towel Holder


Meet the chef again whilst stretching out for the paper towel it will surely improve your mood.


Bring your kitchen décor to the next level with this napkin holder 

Ceramic Chef Double Bowl Condiment Holder

Smile back to fat chef whilst adding sugar to sweeten the day up 




And for serving - the Fat Chef 3 Section dish to spread the smile over to all diners



Pay less and shop the collection of Fat Chef Décor in a gift set


Fat Chef Collection Gift SetCeramic Fat Chef Gift Set


And some side tips:

1. Lighting in kitchen - I found myself neglecting the kitchen until I realized that what keeps me away is the dull lighting - the light bulb went out and we did not manage to replace it (whose duty? We had to fight it through😊)
That done - the kitchen is flooded with light, eating and even cooking is more appealing. The vegetables have suddenly taken on this vivid color and the dishes look more appetizing and colorful. Believe it or not being in the kitchen has actually become enjoyable

2.Clean surfaces - clean after cooking and eating, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher and keep the surface clean and tidy all the time. Doing so will increase the desire to cook next time, No more spending time cleaning the surface and looking for the knife, cutting boards etc, before cooking.  Just pull out the items and cook - It will save you valuable time

3. High-quality appliance and tools -will not only save you time, but will make the work in the kitchen much easier. Get rid of all the broken and cracked tools that are bothering you at the wrong time. Equip your kitchen with some quality knives, good scissors for cutting herbs, cutting boards, spice jars (best to put them on a rack), pots, utensils and utensils holders, elegant servware, even a slicer or a good food processor shorten the process of food preparation and makes it so much easier to cook. 

4.There is always an option to shorten preparations, if you run out of time or energy you should not give up cooking for the burgers or ordered pizza. Take the shortcut in buying ready-made things like pre-cooked side dishes, frozen vegetables, ready sauces bought in the grocery, just to pour on the chicken, into the oven and YUM. It is impossible to tell the difference and the smell will tickle everyone's stomach.

 5.The kitchen should be the most welcoming room - read more about adding great impact to your kitchen


Lick your lips...

you are bound to cook your best meal yet!!! 


Do you have any tips to bring in more love in cooking?

LMK Waiting to hear from you!

Right below.

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