Kitchen Décor Ideas with High Impact

The kitchen is the heart of the house, it is no longer just the place for meals, it's  a place of warmth, closeness, family connection and more.

If you want to bring light and joy into your home especially in your kitchen, a place where the family keeps united over a plate of food, as known: "The way to the heart goes through the stomach". There is one thing you must know -

 How to fill your kitchen with positive energy, creating a welcoming and cozy kitchen?

The flow of energy in the kitchen is greatly influenced by its kitchen décor  in the kitchen.

Below are ideas for kitchen décor themes, and what they symbolize, where homeowners can boost the positive energy in their homes.

  • Flamingo Décor

 Flamingo is not just pink birds with long legs, it has a deeper meaning:





    In the past, flamingos symbolized luxury and rarity.

    Today Flamingo says – "Be proud of who you are" So just stand up straight, as a flamingo.

    In addition, flamingos are pink from eating algae that contain carotenoid pigments. Flamingos eat both algae and shrimp creatures, both of which contribute to their wondrous pink.

    That said, Flamingo reminds us "You're what you eat" so you better stick to your diet.

    Flamingos live, swim, eat together in large groups which helps them survive, that reminds us to "stay united, embraced by the family, be there for each other."  Life that way is so much easier:)

    These beautiful birds also represent Joy and Balance. 

    Servette Home is the place to shop for flamingo kitchen decor. From flamingo paper towel holders to ceramic flamingo spoon rests, to flamingo salt and pepper shakers. We have everything you could possibly need. The bright pink color of the flamingo will add a pop of color to your kitchen and home.

    • Pineapple Décor

    The "Royal Pine" 
    • WEALTH
    • BEAUTY



    Pineapple was a sign of Wealth and Royalty in the past.

    In fact, King Charles II in 1600, called it the "Royal Pine". Due to its scarcity and price, the pineapple was only served to the most honored guest. If people were not able to afford a pineapple they would often rent one for the evening to show off and gain favor in the eyes of their friends.

    The idea was converted into pictures of pineapple so that anyone who could not afford a pineapple could still enjoy the sentiment. People would hang pictures of pineapples or create pineapple carvings as a sign "Welcome! You are our honored guest!"

    Pineapple symbolizes Hospitality

    The pineapple also symbolizes – "Maintain security and victory" - sailors who came home from their journey, would put out a whole pineapple as a sign of their return in peace.

    Due to its proportion, the pineapple is also a symbol of Beauty - it is beautifully symmetrical from the outside to its crown, and sweet and juicy inside.

    In brief; There is no better way to welcome your guests and family to the kitchen and home than with our pineapple accessories. Our pineapple kitchen decor items include delicate details and quality materials. Use pineapple salt and pepper shakers to shake your home or pineapple napkin rings to entertain your guests. Feel the difference in your hospitality with pineapple home decor like our pineapple napkin holders, pineapple plates and more. Or if you are attending a party and need a gift for the hostess, the perfect way to show your appreciation for her generosity is by giving a gift to our pineapple kitchen décor.

    • Bear Décor

    Bears are not just a charming character, there is much more to it:


      • RESPECT 
      • STRENGTH
      • LOYALTY



       A bear was a symbol of respect and majesty. Throughout history royal families have had a bear on their emblem meaning "you should respect us".

      Bears also represent strength and self-confidence.

      Another symbol is Motherhood - female bears have amazing child-rearing skills, they guard their offspring and are ready to attack anyone who might endanger their cubs, it symbolizes protection and loyalty.

      Check out our collection of bear-themed kitchen accessories for your country-style cabin, hostel or home. Bring bears into your kitchen with some beautiful novelty style kitchen accessories.


      • Elephant Décor

      This gigantic animal can greatly affect your kitchen and feelings of people living with you                                                                                                                   

      Good luck

      • GOOD LUCK
      • POWER
      • WISDOM



      Many cultures believe that an elephant brings good luck,

      In addition, elephants represent power - the elephant is the largest mammal in the world, Greeks and other nations used to fight in their battles riding an elephant to show their power and fearlessness.

      Elephants are known as smart animals, they symbolize wisdom.

      Stick to your family - Elephants live together as a family, in fact the female is the one who leads the entire family. An elephant baby will always follow its mother who seeks to protect him – protection

      Elephant decor for your kitchen and home is right here at Servette Home. From elephant mugs to elephant figurines to elephant salt and pepper shakers - we have elephant decor for your home in all price ranges.


      • Cactus Décor  

       Nothing like a cacti plant on your counter, This thorny plant has such a deep emotional significance:


      • WARMTH



      Because cactus plants can survive in these harsh conditions, a cactus became a symbol of unconditional love. This also shows on motherhood as a mother has everlasting love to her child, no matter the situation. It represents warmth and protection - Imagine the feeling of coming across a cactus, in the dessert wilderness, where there is no greenery in sight, isn't it hart-warming?  Of course, cactus symbolizes endurance.

        Our curated collection of cactus kitchen decor is sure to please the expert designer and seasoned homemaker. Our selection of cactus decor includes everything from metal cactus napkin holders to cactus salt and pepper shakers. And don't forget to check out our ceramic cactus decor for your living room decor. We also carry glass cactus decor, including glass wine stoppers and mason jars. Shop our collection to bring your cactus home decor to a new level with Servette Home!

        Do you have any additional value that you aspire to bring to your kitchen? 

        We would love to hear!

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