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The Kitchen is the heart of the home, and that is why many people have found expression decorating it to meet their style. But a kitchen is much more than counter top material and cabinet colors. The small things that you keep around your kitchen and use on a daily basis are the little things in life that can make you happy.  

Does the endurance of a cactus inspire you? Besides for just hosting a few cacti on your counter, add a salt and pepper shaker, or napkin holder in cactus theme as well for an instant decor update!  

And its not just cacti lovers! Salt shakers, sugar bowls and spoon rests come in a large variety of styles to meet anyone's taste.  We love kitchens decorated with pineapples, flamingoes, funny fat chefs, roosters and more.  

Do you have a signature kitchen style? Let us know in the comments below!

Sarah B

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  • Tammy

    Love your items! Love this site. Are you going to be getting more fat chef napkin holders in stock? I got one for my mom and my sister loves it!

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