The items you NEED in the kitchen this summer

salt and peppers shakers

Yes it’s true. You can feel it as slowly getting warmer as the temperatures slowly rise. Summer with it’s long sun bathed day’s is coming and it’s time to start getting ready. This year more then ever with Covid restrictions waning and family and friends starting to finally be allowed to get together again it’s imperative to get you kitchen in order! So put away the hot cocoa mugs and add some of these striking new accessories to you Kitchen! 

When family or friends come over you know that one thing is certain. You will have to break out a pitcher and whether it’s for cold iced tea or thirst quenching fruit punch it’s has to make a statement when it is passed from person to person. So check out this this adorable ceramic sunflower bud-shaped pitcher is made for the flower child within you, your family members, and friends. 


ceramic sunflower pitcher

Do you really want your friends to drink out of a typical cup is summer?

Of course not! So how about serving them with this unique cactus shaped jar. It comes with a cover to keep the bugs out and a straw for easy drinking. Plus when you consider the fact the cactus is the symbol of endurance, I think we all know that whoever we all deserve them after enduring the last year’s Covid restrictions! Check out some awesome themed cactus kitchen decor.



ceramic sundae ice cream cups

Ice cream just tastes different in the summer. That's a fact! Add as many toppings as you want with polka dot ceramic sundae cups that somehow look better than the ice cream itself. And take your time eating it savor every delicious spoonful so you don’t get brain freeze! 



When school is out, it may be even more important for parents to get their morning coffee. Even if you don’t have kids, adults don’t get a summer break. Get a caffeine fix with a smile by using tropical-themed mugs. Grab a flamingo mug on Monday and celebrate Friday with some turtle mugs. Can you say cute?



ceramic flamingo mug


These unique and fun kitchen accessories not only are useful, but they’ll help make memories all summer long. Be sure to enjoy every minute of this special season with great looking novelty kitchen accessories and decor at Servette Home and treasure the people you love now more then ever, we know we can’t take being with them for granted! 


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