Thanksgiving Holiday Gift Guide

Looking forward to your Thanksgiving get together with family and friends? Why not treat them with something tangible to show your appreciation the whole year through. Fall in love with these fall kitchen decor ideas:

Thanksgiving Gift Idea #1 - Wood Marble Cutting Board for Mom

thanksgiving housewarming gift idea
 thanksgiving gift ideas 

She is going to LOVE IT! Imagine her using this board as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving dinner with a beautiful cut up vegetable selection or even sliced turkey. And then she'll use it year round for displaying her favorite dishes.
Only $39.99 for this Wood & Marble Pineapple Cutting Board

Thanksgiving Gift Idea #2 - Best Coffee Mug for a Teacher

ceramic coffee mug

Teachers. They are so underrated. They work so hard preparing and teaching each child. Now is the time to show some appreciation for their year round care of your child. This elegant, ceramic coffee mug is sure to give them a positive boost every morning before they head to class.
Only $18.99 for this Pumpkin Harvest Coffee Mug

Thanksgiving Gift Idea #3 - Ceramic Salt and Pepper Shakers for your Mother in Law

thanksgiving gifts

Each salt and pepper shaker is made of ceramic which is painted and glazed for a beautiful quality piece that will stand the test of time. Excellent price for a unique decor piece, perfect for your Thanksgiving table.
Only $12.99 for this Turkey Salt and Pepper Shaker Set


Thanksgiving Gift Idea #4 - Ceramic Condiment Holder for your Grandmother

thanksgiving housewarming gift idea
 thanksgiving gift ideas 

A great gift doesn't have to break the bank. This adorable double condiment holder comes complete with lids and spoons for your grandmother's favorite coffee and sugar. Won't be seeing your grandmother this year? Treat yourself and your counter to a truly unique kitchen accessory.
Only $21.99 for this Ceramic Chef Double Bowl Condiment Holder


Thanksgiving Gift Idea #5 - Fall Kitchen Decor Hostess Gift Box

thanksgiving home decor  fall kitchen decorfall gift box

She worked hard shopping, cooking, cleaning and setting up a delicious Thanksgiving dinner table. Maybe she even prepared a clean bed for you to stay over. Why not give her a gift that will last for years to come and be used over and over again?
Only $48.99 for this Thanksgiving Gift Box

In reviewing these 5 awesome Thanksgiving gifts we have found many more that may be of interest to whose with a keen desire to redecorate their kitchen with novelty accessories. Be sure to check new arrivals for more salt and pepper shakers and other Thanksgiving kitchen decor accessories. 



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