Napkin Holders - Keep Napkins Neat and in Style

 In our previous post in this this series on Napkins we discussed the history and evolution of the napkin. However one great leap forward in the usage of the modern day napkin was the use of the paper napkin.

In reality the use of paper napkins goes way back however instead of Ancient Europe we move to ancient China. In 2nd century China there was an official named Cai Lun who worked in the Imperial court during the Han Dynasty, he is considered the inventor of paper. During the Tang Dynasty paper was used to make teabags, paper cups, and also…..napkins!

In the late 1800’s souvenir table napkins started to become popular in the United Kingdom however still many people turned up their nose thinking they were pure nonsense, However iin 1948 Emily Post did her part. She was asked if it was better to reuse a cloth napkin or a fresh paper one. She replied :it’s far better form to use paper napkins then linen napkins that were used at breakfast.

Now slowly paper napkins would gain acceptance. Now with the advent of the paper napkin which was disposable napkin holders become a real need. And the variety of napkin holders to match taste occasion and use grew,

Napkin Holders

Because every tidy housewife hates clutter on the countertops or a messy table and insists on things that have their own place to organize the essentials for dinner. The only way to keep napkins neat and in style were through napkin holders.

There developed a wide range of types and styles made from any type of materials from carbon paper to porcelain or crystal.

Nowadays the more durable and long lasting plastic or metal napkin holders are the usual choice of caterers since they are as close to unbreakable as you can get.

Move over to the high end halls and restaurants and you can start seeing a variety of ceramic or poly resin napkin holders.

Many wealthy homes will have napkin and ring holders as part of a sterling silver set or crystal napkin holders that allow the rainbow of colors to be reflected through the light.


A napkin holder can change the look of the entire table even if it's just a plastic napkin holder each table can look more attractive and stylish. In addition, in kitchens while cooking, napkins and paper towels is a must.

Holders can be used as part of the kitchen design and add color and style to the countertop. Here’s brief rundown of the various types,

Napkin Holder– Types & Styles: 

 Flat Napkin Holders - Decorate your counter or table with a flat napkin holder and enjoy both the napkins displayed beauty having your favorite as well as the convenience of having them close at hand. These best napkin holders come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and materials.

Weighted Napkin Holder It's so frustrating when the napkins seem to slip away from the napkin holder. In comes a napkin weight and voila! the napkins stay securely in place.

You can opt to purchase a napkin weight separately to keep any size napkins in place or you can check out our beautiful selection of weighted napkin holders that have a matching napkin weight coming together with the napkin holder.

Get a weighted napkin holder for your counter and your table so that the napkins are always close at hand.

Bring your kitchen or table decor to a higher level using these Flamingo/ Cactus napkin holders In addition add to your dining décor with this ornate brass napkin weight. Weight holds down napkins to keep them securely in place. You could purchase several weights with one Napkin Box and change according to setting and type of meal.

Standing Napkin Holders The modern Free Standing napkin holders will bring a sophisticated look to your kitchen. Use cute napkin holders in a range of styles and colors to upgrade the functionality of your kitchen counter or table. Simplify having guests over by always having napkins handy with a modern napkin holder.

Paper Towel Holders Well this is not really for napkins, but for paper towels. Yet this is one of the most important items you need in your kitchen to keep cooking clean and exciting. There are a variety of types and styles to match your kitchen color scheme.

How to choose the correct Napkin Holder?

When choosing, you need to keep in mind the surrounding interior, cutlery and other accessories, down to the tablecloth tables counters and plates - all the details must be in harmony with each other.


The right approach to choosing products, creative thinking will help you navigate the endless selection in the market and purchase the perfect napkin holder to enjoy for a lifetime! 

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