Kitchen Decor for Countertops - The Guide

A kitchen counter can get quite disorganized and messy with food splatters, loose cooking utensils and moisture. Here at Servette Home we love offering you kitchen decor for countertops with accessories that are both functional and add to the decor and beauty of your kitchen.

There are 5 items, among others that belong on a counter, that are essential to keeping it clean, neat and functional.

kitchen counter accessories

Cutting Board

A proper cutting board is all it takes to slice meat, fruit, vegetables or cheese into neat pieces. Or create a beautiful charcuterie board and leave on your counter for last minute guests. We typically recommend a wood or bamboo cutting board but plastic boards also work well for cutting and slicing while keeping your counters clean and protected.

Spoon Rest

Protect your counter from messy utensils with eye catching spoon rests. Practical and easy to clean, a spoon rest is a great addition to your kitchen basics. Often, while cooking a soup we can't find a good place for a ladle or while mixing stir fry vegetables we don't want to place the greasy spoon straight on the counter. That's where a good spoon rest comes in and saves you that heartache. Of course, if you buy a ceramic or silicone spoon rest from Servette Home you will also enhance the look of your counter and kitchen.

Sponge Holder

There is no need to show off a wet sponge that you just used to scrub all the dishes clean. Use a decorative sponge holder that is a great organizational piece and has your kitchen sink looking perfectly clean and neat. Sponge holders also help keep your counter dry.

Utensil Holder

Adorn your counter with a quality utensil holder that can hold spoons, forks, knives or other cooking utensils. A utensil holder designed from quality materials like ceramic, metal or polyresin will be sturdy enough to hold your kitcheware without tipping over. Utensil holders keep your counter neat, organized and the utensils easily accessible for eating or cooking. 

Paper Towel Holder

Bring your kitchen decor tot he next level with a functional and decorative paper towel holder. The paper towel holder stands at the ready on your kitchen counter and is ready for your next spill or wipe. A paper towel holder made of quality materials like metal, polyresin or wood will be sturdy and not tip over. A great kitchen accessory to have on the counter while cooking, cleaning or serving. And there is no need to skip on your kitchen decor as Servette Home carries beautiful options of paper towel holders that can go along with your theme like the Chef paper towel holder and the Bear paper towel holder for a rustic cabin kitchen decor look.

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