HOME BAR - FOR A CELEBRATION AT HOME - How to Preserve Wine After Opening

   Your home is made for hosting.

You’ve had your friends over for a drink, you opened several different wines, you popped up a glorious evening.


But after the celebration is over, you are left with a dozen bottles full up to three-quarters and a half in fine wine and thoughts on how to ensure it stays no less fresh and delicious for the next couple of days.

That’s right, wine is more sensitive than other drinks. With a little attention and understanding, you too, can extend the life of any fine wine you just opened to taste:

  • Wines do not like heat or cold - Store wines in a cool, dry place.    Here's a tip: Do not store wine in your kitchen as the temperature varies drastically, and of course, not near any heat source. Too high temperature can 'cook' the wine and give it an unpleasant aftertaste. The recommendation not to store wine in the kitchen includes the kitchen refrigerator (how many times have you opened and closed the refrigerator today 😉- only to find that nothing has changed so far). The correct temperature for storing wine is between 58-65 degrees.
  • Wines like dark - direct sun will spoil the wine immediately. Store wines in a dark place
  •  Wines should lie - by placing the bottle on its side, the wine will keep the cork moist and it will maintain the seal. If you store the bottle upright the cork will shrink and let in air.
  • Bottled wine do not need to breathe - If you let the wine be exposed to oxygen for too long, the oxygen will oxidize the wine completely, and you will taste vinegar instead of wine.


    Storing wine horizontally, is not the ultimate solution, unfortunately, as gradually the corks will no longer keep as their tight seal. Air will enter the bottle, causing premature aging and again you would be left with vinegar instead of wine, the process would just be slower.

    In addition, under too high humidity conditions the cork will be covered in mold or if too dry it will be difficult to reopen the bottle.


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    Either way, remember to let yourself relax and unwind after a long day of work with your favorite glass of wine, whether it be a romantic drinking until your drunk in love, alone or with friends and family.

    You need this shot of energy!


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