Awesome Holiday Table Decor Ideas - Set to Impress Your Guests

Finally done with shopping for xmas, the house is decorated and clean, the menu is ready; and all that is left to do is set the dining room table for a gathering with friends and family.

Setting the table could be challenging for any hostess.  The will to impress, and celebrate the magical season, creating a unique opportunity to spend time with the people we love the most.

Preparation is one of the most important points to ensure the success of the evening. The key to any tablescape is to select beautiful, sophisticated, or handmade accessories, without having to break the bank.

Whether you are dining alone, as a couple, or with a small group of friends or family, we have the best holiday table decor ideas to help get you started. Setting a beautiful table will bring you to celebrate the magic of the season. This guide will inspire you with some ideas to lift your spirits and make your celebrations feel special.

christmas table decor ideas
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Choosing the right Concept.

The first step is to decide on a main idea /color which will lead throughout the entire table setting

Tables and Tablecloth

Which table will you be using? Round, Regular or squared table? Will you add a few tables together or maybe set a few single tables for instance an extra table for the kids? Either way, dressing the table with the right tablecloths would bring the desired effect. You could decide on an elegant plain tablecloth or a contrast of 2 or more tablecloths. Allowing it to reach the floor brings an elegant gallivanting look like a wedding gown.

Color scheme                                                                                                     

It is important to select one dominant color for the table to give it the right impression and create the festive atmosphere. Keep in mind that the colors impact our senses.

To create a rich luxurious look, the best choice would be gold or silver. For more a fun scheme, red or green would do perfect. If you would like more a calm surrounding you likely to choose white, cream or pastel colors.


If you are setting a long table add a centerpiece like candles or flowers the results: an elegant looking festive affair just make sure it is not too tall or big serving as barrier to the diners.

napkin rings for christmas table
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The holiday puts us in a festive mood so we would use either traditional white dishes or with bright colored dishes like royal blue or red. A luxurious touch is very important, the best is to add an extra cup for wine near the regular drinking glass.

And last but not least all the little elements that add so much to the entire setting. There is no way to set an elegant party table without the table's jewelry, napkin rings for Christmas, check out our wide selection of napkin rings matching every style and color.

To add a touch of taste put in some napkins in a unique napkin holder.

Wine bottle stoppers for all your wine bottles you will be using at the party. After you or your guest pour yourself a glass from your favorite bottle of wine, guarantee that the wine stays fresh and tastes just as good the next day and bring the party to the next level with our Holiday Hued Red /Green Gem Flower Topped Wine Stopper.

Big impression is made out of small details several fun novelty salt & pepper shakers scattered around the table is all you need to put in that extra touch and get the perfect look.

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Side Tips

  • The name of the game is to be creative and open-minded. Surprise your guest with original table setting ideas which is within reach throughout the house.
  • Welcome your guest with a glass of wine right upon entrance. That's the best way to lift everyone's spirits. If the wine bottle has a unique wine bottle stopper, even better!
  • Don’t forget to set places with the guest names. It'll save inconveniences and arguments. 
  • A fun humorous tip is to place a fork at the center of the plate, poke in a card with the guest name with an extra message/statement for the very special guest.
  • Prepare small yet personal gifts to grant your guest upon leaving. This will give them that extra special feeling and something that your friends and family will cherish every year and continue to spread the holiday cheer. Check Servette Home for the best fun ideas your guest would love like a cute salt and pepper shaker set.
  • And of course remember the heart of your home, your kitchen also needs some updated Christmas kitchen decor.


christmas napkin ringschristmas salt and pepper shakers

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Servette Home brings to you some stylish pieces to create a beautiful setting, worthy of being photographed on your Instagram, and toast to the holiday season!


holiday table decor ideas

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