5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

kitchen accessories

You are fun and definitely not boring. So, why should your kitchen be dull?
Neutral-colored cabinets and stainless steel appliances are amazing additions to homes. However, this bland color scheme is anything but unique. You don’t have to paint an entire wall to make this area pop! All you need are a few accessories.
That’s why we’re breaking down five easy ways you can make your kitchen stand out using kitchen accessories:

salt and pepper shakers
1. Salt and pepper shakers: Is there ever a time where salt and pepper shakers are not on the table? Add a pop of color to the center of a neutral table, or create a theme with shakers that give off a retro vibe. If you want to tie your kitchen into the beachy theme you’ve created in your home, pineapple or dolphin-shaped shakers are in your future.

napkin holders
2. Napkin holders: Nothing makes a kitchen more inviting like napkin holders. There are two ways you can go with this. For a casual look, add a napkin holder to the center of the table that matches your salt and pepper shakers. When you have a dinner party, add cloth napkins to the setting and wrap them up with napkin rings that match your theme.

ceramic serving tray
3. Serveware: Speaking of dinner parties… serveware is both cute and handy. A flamingo ceramic tray can be propped up on the counter every day for a focal point in your kitchen. Then, when you have guests over it can be the talk of the table as it holds cheese and crackers.


home bar ideas
4. Home Bar Accessories: Not a cook? Well, your bar can be the center of attention in the kitchen. The best girls (or guys) night includes some amazing bar accessories. Make Monday night feel like a luxurious trip to Palm Springs with adorable cactus bottle stoppers. Or, party it up with matching shot glasses for every guest that comes to your birthday party.

kitchen counter accessories
5. “For the counter” accessories: Make yourself smile with accessories you can use while you cook. Add some color with a vibrant cutting board. You can even put your spoon down on a lemon spoon rest after scooping up some lemon sorbet. While these don’t draw the eyes directly to them, they add such a nice detail to a home.
There are many more ways to bring life to your kitchen - it is ultimately up to YOU to create the space you love. Whether you opt to upgrade with unique salt and pepper shakers, stylish napkin holders, trendy serveware like ceramic trays and bowls, update the home bar with trendy wine bottle stoppers and shot glasses or revamp your kitchen counter with cool sponge holders, novelty spoon rests or vibrant cutting boards. We are happy to help you along that journey and answer any questions you may have to transforming your kitchen into the heart of your home.

5 ways to decorate kitchen - infographic

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